Coating and Adhesive

Thanachem’s coatings and adhesives chemical products range from fillers, pigments, extenders, preservatives to additives and etc. for all types of paints and coatings products.



Barium Sulphate


Calcined Kaolin Clay


Carbon Black/ Hi-Black


Chrome Pigments

 Chrome Green

Dispersing Agents


Iron Oxide Pigments

Natural Iron Oxide Pigment Ranges

       Micronox R01

       Micronox R02

       Micronox Y01

       Micronox BR61

       Micronox Marigold 96

       Micronox BK01


Iron Oxide Red 130A

Iron Oxide Red 140

Iron Oxide Red 190

Iron Oxide Yellow 313A

Iron Oxide Green

Iron Oxide Blue

Iron Oxide Brown

Kaolin Clay


Mica Powder


Petroleum Resin



 Ultra Marine Blue

Sodium Benzoate


Talcum Powder


Thickening Agent


Titanium Dioxide


Zinc Oxide


Zinc Stearate