Thanachem supplies emulsifiers, bread improvers and preservatives for bakery industry. Our product ranges have expanded to other industries such as Canned Food, Beverage, Snack, Candy and Dairy. The new products are for example Thickener, Flavor, Enzyme and Nutritional Ingredients.



Calcium Acetate

Preservatives for bread and other bakery products. Has the efficiency in preventing Molds.

Calcium Propionate

Preservatives for bread and other bakery products. Has the efficiency in preventing Molds.


 Carrageenan is a gelling substance derived from algea. It is suitable in Jelly, Candy, Canned foods, and other Confectionary.


Carboxy Methyl Cellulose for tooth paste, moquitoes repellents, oil drilling, and food applications such as noodle, ice cream, canned foods, bakery, beverages.


We provide Deep Sea Collagen peptide and Fresh Water Collagen, extracting from fish skins and scales with undetectable odour.


Diacetyl Tartaryl Monodiglycerides


Distilled Monoglycerides

Fatty Esters



Our flavors are prepared and developed per customers' requests. The product ranges from Artificial (A) to Natural (N) to Natural Identical (NI) to Natural Artificial (NA) types, with many forms such as water-soluble, heat-stable, paste, and powder.

Butter Flavor

Cheese Powder Flavor

Chocolate Flavor

Coffee Flavor

Flower Flavor: Rose, Sakura, Lavender

Lemon Flavor

Milk Flavor

Orange Flavor

Pandan Flavor

Pumpkin Flavor

Strawberry Flavor

Vanilla Flavor


Glycerol Monostearate



Guar Gum



Middle Chain Triglyverides is a functional ingredient, suitable for dietary, energy boost, and digestive mulfunction products.

Sodium Benzoate


Sodium Bicarbonate


Sodium Carbonate



Sodium Stearoyl Lactylate is an emulsifier for white bread.


Vitamin C

Vitamin E

White Mineral Oil

Food contact White Mineral Oil is used as lubricant for food prodcuing machine and engine.

Xanthan Gum